Tripomatic for iPhone Review

Tripomatic for iPhone Review

Most people love to go on vacations and when they do an important thing that they need to carry with them is their mobile phone, in order to stay in contact with people back home. However, there are other uses as well, especially if you have some helpful apps downloaded. One such app that needs to be with you on your travels is the Tripomatic for iPhone. It has some simple yet useful features that help planning what you can do or see. You get access to a comprehensive list of cities across the world.
You can be as happy and thrilled as you are just before you embark on your vacation, while you are at the destination if you have Tripomatic. Do away with the guidebooks and queries that you may shoot at strangers or hotel receptionists. You have access to all the information you will need through Tripomatic that you can download on your iPhone.
With Tripomatic you will be able to explore all you want by visiting museums, historic sites or ruins and other important spots across the world. It is more like Offline Maps or City Guides, however unlike Offline Maps which lets you save all the places that you have visited, if you really want to. Tripomatic on the other hand lets you schedule your visits and have an appropriate itinerary planned for the next few days that you are going to be on vacation. The app lets you view various points of interest in one location, so that you do not have to waste even a single minute looking for directions or appearing to be lost.
Once you have visited a city or area or country, the information gets saved on your Tripomatic app. You can create daily itineraries either as you go, or go to the website of Tripomatic where a lot more information is available. You will be able to log in for the details after you have created an account, and there are no charges for this.

When you take off on a trip, you can choose the dates that you will be travelling on and just need to inform the app and will be able to pick the start date on the app. When you want to add more days, you can choose from the trips you have saved already by swiping the screen. You can create entries for varied destinations like a trip to Egypt to spend time at the Pyramids, or another to view the grand canyon in Arizona or yet another summer trip to Norway or Sweden. These trips may be months away, but you can plan them sitting in your favorite armchair. Once you select the destinations you will get complete details about the important things that you should not miss once you get there. Breaks in the journey can also be incorporated and Tripomatic will conveniently plot all the information on a map. You can even make impromptu changes as and when you please.
Tripomatic will also let you share details with your friends and family through email, Facebook, and Twitter. Once your friends receive the email with the link they are immediately directed to sign up for the service. Tripomatic, overall, is a good app to have on your iPhone if you are a globetrotter.
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