3 Best  Bathroom Finder Android Apps

3 Best Bathroom Finder Android Apps

For most people finding an available restroom isn’t on their list of daily worries.  But many people suffer from medical conditions that make finding public restrooms a daily anxiety.  Pregnant women also know how this feels, Mommies-to-be need to use the restroom often…and usually, they need to use it now! Look to these top three  bathroom finder Android apps to help you find a spot to relieve yourself, no matter where you are.  All of these apps are currently available:

  1. Toilet/Bathroom Finder – Could the name of this app be any more self-explanatory? Enter where you are and the app takes seconds to find the nearest toilet. We love how it breaks down what you’ll be going into too…we aren’t sure what mom wants to hit up a dive bar in order to use the restroom. You’ll find restaurants, gas stations, convenience stores, coffee shops, laundry mats and more with the Toilet/Bathroom Finder app. The app has also implemented a tool where users can comment on the toilet they used via the app. This gives you the rundown on the toilet you can expect when you arrive at the address. Users also comment on whether or not the toilet is readily available for anyone to use or if it’s aimed at customers only.
  2. Bathroom Scout Pro – This may be the Cadillac of bathroom apps because it shows you what to expect from the outside, giving you a clear idea of what you’re looking for in terms of landmarks and signage. This may seem like a random detail, but when you’re in another country or a new city, looking at a Google Streetview-esque image of the toilet outlet is very helpful. This app stores info for about 600,000 toilets around the globe, so if you’re a traveler, this is definitely the bathroom finder app for you.
  3. Sit or Squat Restroom Finder – This app from Charmin by Procter & Gamble requires you to login via Facebook in order to use it. While it is great for finding a bathroom near you, it also has another function that the other bathroom finder apps on this list lack. It allows you to plot bathrooms and toilets for a trip. This means if you’re on the road, you can map out the places where there are toilets to pre-plan your pit stops. Parents who are road tripping it with a gaggle of kids know just how handy this can be, especially if you sort by restrooms equipped with a baby change station.  Most locations even indicate whether the mens room also has a diaper changing station installed. You can have a designated place every few exits, so if Junior needs to go and it has to happen now, you know where you’re headed. Your car upholstery will thank you.

These apps are great for people with medical conditions and pregnant women who need a toilet nearby at all times. New dads can add this to their phones too, so they’re always able to get mom to a nearby toilet, no matter where you are in the world. These bathroom finder apps are convenient and the ones that allow for reviews are helpful for those of us who are picky about where we want to relieve ourselves.

Elana Cameron is an Android enthusiast, active parent and a frequent contributer to the BabyCommerce blog at BabyStations.com

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