5 Smart Phone Apps for Job Search

5 Smart Phone Apps for Job Search

Elections are never a good thing for the economy – especially when it’s the seat of the U.S. President that’s at stake. If you are looking for a job for whatever reason – be it that you just graduated or was recently laid off by your previous employer – expect the job market to be a lot harder to crack. You will have better chances of beating the odds by not letting any moment go to waste. Whenever you have free time, take out your smartphone and use the applications listed below for job hunting.


Facebook may be the place to do your marketing, but if it’s a job you are looking for then you are better off “marketing” your potential in LinkedIn. This career-oriented social networking site is still the website to use in order to share your resume and look up prospective employers and potential industry contacts. This application is currently available for Android, iOS, and Blackberry users.

Jobs by CareerBuilder

This is one of the most popular job search sites and now you can enjoy easier access to it through its mobile app, which is available for download for both iOS and Android users. Results for present vacancies featured on the site – or the application – can be filtered by company name, location, job type, and keyword among other things.

An alternative to this worth considering would be the official application of Craigslist, which offers job listings not only in the United States but all over the world as well.

In the Door

Think of this as a complementary app to your accounts in Facebook. In order to turn the social networking site into a career opportunity, use this app and it will go through information available on the site about friends in your network. It will then come up with results that will show you which friends of yours may act as your bridge to greener pastures in your field of expertise.


Think of this as your last resort for making a resume on the go. This aptly named application may not be able to create a beautiful and comprehensive resume for your needs, but it can cover the basics. More importantly, it can also save your resume in PDF and help you with its distribution afterwards.


Finally, if a permanent job placement proves to be too elusive, you can always make do with a constant flow of temporary gigs at the meantime. This mobile app, which is available to Apple users, provides numerous listings for temporary gigs in all types of industries. Employers you’ve completed gigs for will be able to give you feedback, which can then make you appear more “appealing” to hire in the eyes of other companies.

Just remember in the end that time is of the absolute essence when applying for jobs online. You need high-speed and reliable Internet in order to immediately send email confirmations for job interviews as well as for uploading your resume or portfolio. Have a look on this page of mobile broadband information to learn more about options.

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