5 IPhone Apps To Help You Live A Healthier Lifestyle

Keeping fit and staying healthy isn’t always easy. No matter how much we might try to eat right, exercise and do what we can to avoid illness, sometimes life just gets in the way. We might buy that chocolate bar or take a short cut and buy that take away, because we’re feeling stressed; we might skip a session at the gym if we’ve had a particularly hard day at work; and we might mean to visit our doctor to get that rash or that cough checked out, but not have the time.

Luckily, tech developers are on the case. They say there’s an app for everything, and while we can’t quite confirm the accuracy of that statement, we do know that there are a host of apps out there which can help you to stay healthy.

Here are a handful of apps which, when it comes to keeping fit and avoiding illness, can really make a difference to your life:

Healthy Happy


We all know that being happy is integral when it comes to staying healthy. Anxiety and depression can have a negative impact not just on our state of mind, but also on our physical well-being. It’s a well-documented phenomenon that someone who is positively-minded is more likely to recover from illnesses and injuries faster than someone who isn’t.

Healthy Happy is all about boosting your emotional state. It helps you track your moods and sleep patterns, and offers expert advice on how to maintain a positive mind-set.



Just moved into a new area? Then, unless you’ve moved just down the road, you’ll probably be unaware of the best healthcare and doctor facilities near you. Similarly, if you’re away on a short break and need to find a doctor in an unfamiliar area, it can hard to know where to start. Enter Doctoralia. This app helps you to find local services in your region, listing them by name and speciality, and also providing reviews.

Symple – Symptom Tracker


Living with a chronic condition is tough, and knowing which symptoms to act on and seek advice about when they arise isn’t always easy. Symple is a free app which contains a host of information relating to symptoms and warning signs for a number of illnesses, so that if they do occur, you can visit your doctor and get them treated.

Garmin Fit


This app is designed to measure your distance travelled, and calories burned, whenever you embark on a journey – be it running, walking or cycling. It stores your progress, making it the ideal choice for those training for a big race.

Whole Foods Market Recipes


Want to eat healthier but don’t want to splash out on specialist cookbooks? Then you’re in luck. Whole Food Market Recipes contains over 3000 meal ideas, and allows you to create shopping lists at the touch of a button. It also has a feature which enables you to locate recipes based on ingredients you already have.

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