Astrid – The Only To-Do List App You’ll Ever Need

Astrid – The Only To-Do List App You’ll Ever Need

Confidently referred to as one of the best personal assistant apps available, the Astrid to-do application is widely becoming a basic requirement for those who have a busy schedule in need of being organized. The features within this app begin with a few basic abilities along with a gradual increase of unique and truly useful ones.

Features included in the Astrid To-Do App

  • iPhone and Android based devices are all compatible with this app. This feature allows for the to-do app to be used on more than just one type of device, which enables syncing for ultimate organization of your daily tasks.
  • Social features included allow for users to connect with their friends, family and co-workers through different portals such as Twitter, Facebook and even basic e-mail. Users are also able to connect with others that use the Astrid to-do app in order to provide feedback about posted tasks. Overall this allows for integration, support and keeping tasks well managed for easy access to your entire day.
  • Syncing with your device’s calendar is another handy ability within Astrid. This allows for the user to create tasks on both Astrid’s to-do list as well as your device’s calendar.
  • Voice recognition is also included with Astrid. Users can simply speak to the app and create tasks anytime and anywhere. All of which allows for amazing ease when storing and creating new tasks because you need to do nothing more than speak in order to create the task.
  • Reminders are another great feature and surprisingly enough they are not always included in other to-do apps. Astrid is well known for having reminders that both repeat and are just one-time so you will have your needs covered either way.
  • Setting priorities and adding notes are also including as small but highly necessary within Astrid. Each of these abilities will help to customize your tasks in order of importance as well as having the ability to add notes, which helps to customize each task.

In the end, Astrid is a very useful to-do list app for any iPhone or Android device. Many users compliment its features over and over so it isn’t any surprise that this app is definitely going to be around for a good while. Ratings for the app and user comments speak for themselves but the best way to know is to try it!

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