Help Your Garden Grow – Here Are 4 Apps That Make Bug Identification Easier

Most of the creepy critters that people hate benefit the environment in one way or another. These pesky bugs also help in keeping the ecosystem in balance. Many farmers and keen gardeners realize the value of insects, and they even use some in controlling the growth of other more harmful creatures. Hence, whether you are a new or seasoned gardener, you should know which ones will benefit your garden and which ones won’t.

Many small creatures help nurture the environment. To illustrate, millipedes improve the quality of soil, while bees spread pollen and encourage the growth of more plants. Ladybugs are also well-liked because they look cute and they consume aphids and other soft-bodied pests. But there are also several kinds of small animals that damage vegetation and crops. In order to identify and learn more about how a certain bug will affect your garden, use apps that will provide you with quick and reliable info. Here are some examples.

1. Bugs in the Garden ($0.99)

If you want a quick way to identify a garden creature, use this nifty app. It contains illustrations of the most common bugs that are found in North America. Aside from providing photos of both adults and larvae bugs for speedy recognition, it also mentions what types of plants are typically affected by such creatures. This app also provides a brief yet clear explanation as regards what sort of damage could be brought on by certain insects. So, through this app, you’ll also learn to identify insects just by assessing the damage that they have done.

2. Garden Bugs ($0.99)

Do you want to know what kinds of bugs are eating your precious seedlings? This app will help you with that. Because it’s fairly simple to navigate, you’ll immediately find suggestions on how to manage your pest problems too. Using this app, you can also readily purchase recommended pest control items.

3. Garden Pro HD ($4.99)

Yes, it’s more expensive than your usual app. But you’ll surely pat yourself on the back after downloading this one as it provides details regarding 7,000 different species of plants. Their database also includes exotic orchids and many tropical shrubs and flowers. Aside from scouring the app for info about your favorite flowers, bushes or trees, you can also use this app to upload photos of your own plants so that you can keep track of their growth. It also features a “To Do” section which keeps you updated about when you need to water or fertilize your plants. This is also a valuable tool when taking care of a pest problem because you can use it to plan treatments. You won’t forget these activities because the app will alert you when there are scheduled events.

4. Garden Compass Plant/Disease Identifier (Free)

Pests found here not only damage homes, but these also destroy gardens and affect crops. But, for a novice gardener, most creepy-crawlies look more or less the same. Other people are also very scared of bugs. They will run instead of staying and examining the six-legged creature that they just met. Due to this, bug identification can be difficult for some. But with the Garden Compass app, this won’t be an issue anymore because you can just take a picture of a bug and then send it to expert horticulturists for identification. The app features a problem identifier as well. Just send a photo of a garden or pest problem, and someone will provide you with needed information on how to control or resolve it.

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This article was contributed by Claire Lassiter. She is a freelance writer, a passionate mom, and an avid gardener.

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