Simple And Fast Ways To Get Feedback For Your App

When you develop any new product with your business the first thing you want to focus on is getting feedback. Proper feedback from your target market can really help you enhance the product and develop it further. This all is applicable when you develop an app as well.

But getting the right target audience to give feedback for your app might seem like a hard thing to do. With the following ways you can get better results with your feedback quickly and without a huge effort.

Create A Screener

It is a very good idea to first create a screener for getting feedback. As mentioned above you want to receive feedback from the right target audience and a screener can help prevent feedback from people that aren’t part of this group.

For example, perhaps your app is really aimed at women who are looking to start a family in the next five years. With a screener you can ask their marital status, gender and age and thus determine if they would fall into your target group.

This will help you then give more detailed questions for these people and the people who aren’t your target audience also won’t end up wasting their time.

You might also have a situation where things like gender and age really don’t matter. Perhaps it is much more about the TV shows they watch or the way to consume news. There are plenty of good templates to see how to create a screener questionnaire.

Attract People For The Screener

You naturally need to find ways to attract people for the screener. It is really important that you focus on this aspect since it determines how well you really are able to get feedback from your app users.

One approach to keep in mind is to include a little screener button for the app itself. This is something that provides the opportunity for the customer to decide whether or not they want to participate. You could also consider creating a little survey and then occasionally post it on your social media platforms and website.

If you had your customers to sign up with their e-mails for your app then it is also a good idea to use this information and date as a way to get them answering your survey. You can e-mail them the survey and your customers again have the option to answer if they want to. You can find plenty of great tips for increasing the response rates from this Question Pro article.

Consider Interviews

It is also a good idea to keep in mind the option for interviews. There are many things that surveys are good for and they can help you achieve plenty of objectives. But sometimes an interview is really the best way to get a more comprehensive answer.

So consider pulling aside a few people from your survey and ask if they’d be happy to participate in an interview. This is a really good way for making sure you get the right kind of feedback to develop your app further.

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