Smartphone Apps That Help Reduce Energy Usage

Smartphone Apps That Help Reduce Energy Usage

Smartphones are mobile phones that have the ability to download and operate a variety of mobile applications. They have become popular in the country that a CTIA survey estimates that there are about 96 million smartphone users, which is over 50% more than 2011. These handheld devices work when charged with energy and so you spend money to make sure that they are constantly charged. Since they use up energy, have you ever considered using them to help make your home more energy efficient? Considering the increasing number of smartphones users and the need for us to conserve energy, these apps are an effective approach towards energy conservation.

  • The People Power

To help users manage their home energy use, the People Power app connects with power monitoring devices to allow the viewing of the past, current and projected energy usage and costs. These can be compared against the statistical averages, view energy saving recommendation and the app also offers access to online stores specializing in energy efficient products. Users can also compare their energy usage with their friends on Facebook, while exchanging energy saving ideas.

  • The iGO Vampire Power Calculator

Vampire energy is the energy consumed by appliances that is switched off but still plugged in. The iGo Vampire Calculator app calculates the amount of vampire energy being wasted in every room of a house.

  • The Kill – Ur- Watts

The Kill-Ur-Watts is an app that lets users view, track and manage their electric use, while providing information on how to reduce energy. It also offers information on how users can apply improvements in their home to make it more energy efficient.

  • The MeterRead

Users can read their electric meter and track their energy consumption by using the MeterRead app. The app utilizes an internal clock on the phone and a variety of meters to choose from. Users have to match the meters and the app will display how much kWh of power had bee used since the last reading. This allows users to keep an eye on their utility bill and track the impact of energy saving ideas.

  • The Energy UFO+

Energy usage can be monitored in real time using the Energy UFO+ app. Users can view their electric consumption and the related cost so that they can achieve their goal of reducing energy use.

  • The Green Outlet

This app can calculate the amount of energy being used up by household appliances and equipment. The Green Outlet helps users make informed decisions on how to manage energy costs as it allows users to select the device needed from a list and enter the hours of usage in order to receive estimates of monthly energy usage and the carbon footprint. Users can also be notified when they have exceeded the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recommended carbon usage. Learn more on how you can ensure energy efficiency in your home here.

  • The SunFinder

The SunFinder app gives an estimate of the energy that can be expected to be drawn from the sun and determine the best location to install a solar panel. The database of the app also provides climate data for various locations in the U.S. Users only have to position their smartphones like a solar panel and the app will display the user’s GPS location and then calculate the annual solar power radiation and production.

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