5 Best Weather Apps for Android

5 Best Weather Apps for Android


Weather can now be termed as the most unpredictable part of our lives. It’s always better to be updated and prepared about for what’s coming. Android enabled smart phones have made this part of our life easy by providing numerous applications that tell us accurate weather. Here is the list of top 5 weather applications filtered from the millions of applications to inform you about the climate with fun.

  1. AccuWeather
    It is the best weather app for android users. It is updated after every 15 minutes. It gives detail information about the humidity, visibility, UV index, cloud cover, pressure, wind speed, sunrise and sunset. It also gives forecast for the upcoming week. Adding to this it also gives you an hourly forecast available to plan your meetings according to the weather.
    Also, forecast qualities for your GPS location is provided only by the AccuWeather, so that you can plan your outdoor activities better.
    One version is available free on the Google play store; here is the link for the download


    AccuWeather platinum is the paid version of the app. It is an advertisement free version. It is available at price of 0.99$ on the Google play store.


  2. Yahoo! Weather
    Services provided by Yahoo are the Unique Speciality of ‘Yahoo! Weather’ App. It is the gorgeous looking app for your phone. Collaboration with Flickr for the images of your current location is the advantage of this app. Animated sunshine on your phone’s screen gives it a beautiful look. Detailed information on just one swipe is the unique feature of the app.

    Interactive radar, satellite, heat and wind map gives pro-active look to the app. UV index; humidity sensor helps to find out the climate condition for the day.
    It is available free on the Google play store.


  3. The Weather Channel
    The Weather Channel provides accurate information of the climate with the help of its own ‘Ultra Local True Point Forecasting Technology’ and the team of over 200 meteorologists. Simple User Interface (UI) is the key feature in the app. It does have all the facilities like forecasting for next 7 days and other climate sensors for better understanding.

    Easy location management, favorite locations marking facility, better push up notification is some of the advantages of the app.
    It is available free on the Google play store.


  4. WeatherPro
    It is one of the famous apps in Europe and United States of America. Inclusion of over 300 million locations across the world is the advantage of this app. ‘Feels like’ is the trademarked facility that gives the interactive interface of the WeatherPro. Weather maps are also provided by the app.

    Worldwide weather alerts, direction and speed of the wind, graphs of the forecast and dynamic and short term overview facility are the advantages of this app.

    Meteo group’s Weather Pro is one of the most famous paid apps in the android market. It is available at $2.99 on the Google play store.

  5. Weather Bug
    Live weather cam with over 2000 cameras across the USA, spark alert system, Hurricane alert system, spotlight section with news of the day (weather news) facility, use of Doppler radar and satellite images and many more activities are provided with Weather Bug app.

    Simply, know the weather before going out for the ride with the help of an instant alert receiving facility of the app. It is available free on the Google play store.


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