Top 5 Android security apps

Top 5 Android security apps

The data stored in your mobile is as important and useful as the one stored in your hard drive. Losing out on your contacts and other files can cost you a lot especially if you deal with your tablets and phones for every minute transaction. So, it becomes mandatory to take care of your cell phones and protecting them against any physical or system danger.

Android phones are believed to be the most vulnerable phone amongst all others. So, if you are an android user, look after the security measures to prevent any virus attack and take precautions to avoid getting your expensive device in wrong hands. And hence, using a security application would be the best option. Check out these top 5 android security apps for the android phones.

Lookout mobile security

For protecting your phone, this application provided you antivirus, backup and find my phone services. Apart from scanning each and every app you download, lookout mobile security blocks viruses, spyware and malware. The backup option allows you to take the back up of your contacts and photos and if you happen to change your phone, it restores the data to your new phone as well. Through find my phone option, you can pin down your device on a map, set a loud alarm to find your phone and if required, you can tenuously delete your data when your phone is lost.

Avast! Mobile Security

Being a free app for the android software, Avast! Mobile Security offers an assortment of tools and services. The best part of this app is the anti-theft element. This feature is hidden and lets you remote control your smart phone using SMS. So when your phone is lost or stolen, you can distantly locate it, lock it or wipe the data off from it. This app also helps you lock your sim card and prevent USB debugging as well. Get the solution for theft protection here –

mSecure Password Manager

This app is a password and data manager offering and easy and protective way to store information on your android device. mSecure makes use of an industry-proven and verified data encryption procedure and hence your data is in safe hands, in case your device is stolen or lost. You can trust this application to store your extremely important details like credit card numbers, logins and passwords and other confidential data. Have a look at it –

Avira Anti-Virus Security

Avira lets you scan apps for prospective trouble and also scans new apps and at times updates automatically. It contains an additional tool which is believe to be able to let you know if your email account has been hacked giving you the next step of solution to be taken. With the help of Avera you can block problem callers or any nonsense spam. To checkout an app that fits in well with the android platform, click here –

Netqin Antivirus

This is somewhat similar to lookout mobile antivirus. It allows you to focus more on tracing the lost or stolen phone. It helps you locate your device; delete the data remotely and also set an alarm. If you are a frequent phone loser, this becomes your savior for sure.

Don’t suffer when you can take precautions. Get the best for your favorite expensive devices!

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