5 Great, Easy-to-Use Apps For The HTC Desire S

With all of the power, speed, and storage capacity that comes with the HTC Desire S, it is no surprise that its users have ample opportunity to download all of the latest and greatest apps available through Google Play. From calculators that help you figure out how much to tip the waiter at a restaurant, to video apps that allow you to search for all of the HD music videos your heart desires, the HTC Desire S is the perfect smartphone for experimenting with apps and picking and choosing which you want to pin onto your home screen to access quickly and easily every day.

Below are just a few of the best apps available on the HTC Desire S. Keep in mind that many great apps are already built into this smartphone, leaving you with more opportunity to download other apps to fulfil your unique needs for work and play.

1. TweetDeck

This app is perfect for the smartphone user who is addicted to social media and always needs to have his updates on hand, along with the ability to submit a status update wherever he goes, at any time of the day or night. TweetDeck is an app that allows you to manage multiple Twitter accounts, as well as your Facebook account, keeping everything in one easily accessible, streamlined location on your HTC Desire S.

2. Flickr

If you love taking and sharing photos, you probably have already heard of Flickr the website, but you may not be aware of the fact that Flickr also now has a great Android app that you can download absolutely free. The app allows you to take photos within the program and even edit them all within the app as well. Then, share those great shots with your friends and family on Facebook and Twitter.

3. Opera Mobile

Replace your smartphone’s built-in browser with the Opera Mobile browser to get faster speeds than before and the ability to keep an unlimited number of tabs open. Probably the only downside to this app is its inability to handle Flash-based websites.

4. Skype

One of the most popular ways to stay in touch with loved ones around the world at absolutely no cost to you, whether you want to chat via text or video chat to see their faces, is the Skype computer program and its equivalent smartphone app. Make calls without paying any money, without being charged international fees, and without wasting any minutes. Your mobile phone service provider may not be happy, but you certainly will be if you download this great app onto your HTC Desire S.

5. Catch Notes

If you are regularly jotting down notes on little pieces of paper or in your smartphone’s built-in note-taking app, you will prefer Catch Notes to all other methods once you start using it. This app keeps all of your separate notes together in one handy location and it even allows you to pin certain notes to your home screen so that you can remember them.

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