5 iPad Apps To Help You Revise For Your Next Exam

5 iPad Apps To Help You Revise For Your Next Exam

We have all been there, the unwanted stress and long nights of revising for numerous upcoming exams. I have also done all nighters in my time and it works but only to some extent, but it you prepare yourself with time to spare you will not only learn more but be less stressful and more confident that you will pass the exam. Preparing for exams long in advance can also:

  • Make you better at studying in the future and managing yourself once you begin working in the real world
  • You’ll get a good night sleep throughout.
  • Have time to learn certain areas again (where your knowledge of a subject can be better)

Every person in the last 100 years will have gone through the above before an exam but as technology has advanced over the years, there are now more tolls available that can help us with our studying. One of these great tools is the iPad. With many apps available, there are thousands that can help you with your studying, but you have to find the right one for you.

Below are 5 iPad apps that will help you get more out of your revision and help you pass all your exams with flying colours.

Schedule Planner HD

For those who have a tight schedule, this app if doe you. Whether you’re juggling studies with work, have a child to look after during your studies or even like to have fun a bit too much, then this app is for you. It’s free, and will replace your physical diary.

Evernote Peek

A very clever app that makes full use of the ipad Smart Cover. A great app for remembering theorems, formulas and other important information.

The flash card technique has been used for many, many years and is considered a powerfult tool for studying. If you’ve never tried it, give it a shot and you’ll begin to remember those tough forumulae without even knowing it!

The app even works if you do not have a Smart Cover with it’s virtual one! Best of all? The app is free.

Flashcard Deluxe

For those who love the use of Flashcards, this app will remove all the clutter and allow you to keep more organised. It has numerous features and can import them and sync with your computer, Dropbox, Google Drive etc.


This app is worth every penny. You have the power of Wolfram Alpha at your fingertips. This app is not only great for Mathematics, but many other subjects. Why use this over say, Google? Well a Google search returns info from what it finds on the web however Wolfram Alpha are specialist Mathematicians who have built Mathematical software for years and their experience in this field surpasses that of even Google.


Every person needs a dictionary. The iPad app will keep you more organised, takes no extra space and will help you find definitions quicker than the traditional means. It’s free as well.

With the launch of the iPad mini, you have many more reasons to take your iPad to class and use it to study to success!

This article is written by Ahmed who currently works for Cartridge Monkey, a supplier of ink cartridges to businesses and students in the UK.

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