Three Best Weather Apps for Android

Three Best Weather Apps for Android

Smartphone apps are the major players that decide the success and failure of the actual phone itself. Many people decide their choice of phones depending upon the availability of the apps in the respective app markets. Apple’s iOS and Android market have by far been the leading players when it comes to smartphone applications.

Believe it or not, these days, applications help you in doing all kinds of work ranging from cooking, teaching, diet and food habits, staying fit and what not? Having these applications on your smartphones is the greatest asset.

Here are some cool Android weather applications. These weather applications are handy when you are on the go most of the time. Android is also one of the leading application platforms as far as weather applications are concerned.

1. iMap Weather

The application provides information on the following:

1) forecasts
2) lightning strikes
3) current conditions
4) looping radar
5) location-based auto map scroll

This application provides radar only for the US territory. Most other contents are available for world-wide use. The application automatically starts 3 services when it is in the background to clear up lots of image on the SD card. The otherwise sleeping service wakes up every fifteen minutes to clear images that are more than quarter of an hour old. After the cache is empty the service will stop for the good.

2. WeatherBug
Get the latest weather condition, weather alerts, forecast in your area. With WeatherBug, you will be accessing the world’s finest network of weather sensors for alerts, forecasts and many more. The key features of the application includes:-

a) ‘New WeatherBuzz’
b) DTAs or Dangerous Thunderstorm alerts
c) Severe weather alerts
d) Weather information based on your location
e) Interactive Maps and interactive weather cams
f) Exclusive pin-point map conditions
g) Video forecasts
h) Visual forecasts

WeatherBug claims that being well prepared in advance and knowing what’s coming up is an added advantage for not just travelers but people that stay at home too. Expert WeatherBug meteorologists can give you the routine national weather outlook. You can quickly and easily update yourself with the latest weather information. The ability to view live images from more than 2000 live cameras across the United States and get a better picture of the weather conditions around you is simply great stuff. Special monitoring networks for severe storms and also get instant warning on severe weather conditions such as heavy rain, strong winds, tornados, lightning etc is the talking point of the new app.

3. RadarNow
The RadarNow can be used to quickly analyze animated images and the present weather conditions. The application provides a simple platform where you do not have to be digging all the menus to get what you want. The application provides information from National Weather Service and Enhanced Radar ‘Base’ and downloaded images from the services. When you access the application, it kicks off with information from sites that are closest to your place.

This application is designed to be efficient and fast and features some cool free options too. You can use the Weather Channel or the WeatherBug to enjoy a full-featured weather app.

A decent weather app on your smartphone is the greatest and safest thing you can have. It is also a precautious and must-have option when you travel or if you live in areas that are prone to bad weather.

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