5 iPhone Apps That Every Home Builder Should Have

5 iPhone Apps That Every Home Builder Should Have

When you are in the process of building a home or renovating it, you would need to ensure that you are as accurate and as fast as possible. To do this, you can use one of many different kinds of smartphone apps that can be used to accomplish various tasks during this process. Most of these apps can be used by homeowners who are doing renovations, and also by professional home builders to ensure that they are more effective at what they do. Some of the iPad, iPod and iPhone apps that have stood the test of time and proven to be invaluable in this respect include:

I.D. Wood

Deciding what kind of wood to use for various aspects of the house can be a difficult task. Not all kinds of wood will offer the characteristics that you need for a particular kind of function. This $2.99 app ensures that you never have difficulty choosing wood by providing you with all the information you need about wood at your fingertips. It has a list of over 50 kinds of wood, and also has their pictures, characteristics and main uses. Using it, you will never use the wrong kind of wood during the process of building or renovating the house.

Roofing Calculator

Roofing is one of the major costs that have to be incurred during any construction or renovation project. To ensure that you do not end up losing too much money, you may need to know in advance how much the roofing is going to cost you, and also how much roofing material you need so that you do not end up buying more than you need. This app provides all this information at the touch of a button, enabling you to keep your roofing costs low. This feature is useful for both professional builders and homeowners who are looking to construct houses or renovate them.

iHandy Carpenter

If you are going to do any carpentry during the building process, you will definitely find this application to be very useful. It contains many carpentry-related tools such as a surface level, an inclinometer and even a protractor among many other things. Using this app will definitely reduce the weight of your bag of tools, since you will need to travel with much less.


As a builder, you will definitely need to work with numbers a lot. Many times, you will need to do conversions from one unit to another, something that can be difficult for even the most seasoned contractors. With this tool, you will have an easy way of accurately doing such conversions, ensuring that you do the job just right.

GE MoodCam

Lighting a room properly takes more than just putting bulbs in different places randomly. To get the best effect, you would need to strategically place them. This application allows you to take a picture of the room in question, and you can then use the inbuilt tools to find out which lighting options will suit it best.

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