5 Must Have Mobile Apps For DIY Home Renovation

5 Must Have Mobile Apps For DIY Home Renovation

Home renovation can be a difficult task for non-experienced individuals. It can be very expensive to hire professionals or even the likes of a handyman to complete not so difficult tasks. Some people like to take on their own handyman roles but don’t have the experience or skill level to do so. Here is a look at 5 ‘must have’ do-it-yourself home renovation mobile apps.

Handyman DIY

Covering just about everything required by the daily handyman, Handyman DIY provides the ease of becoming the ultimate tradesmen. Features include calculating costs, creating shopping lists and measurements of general room sizes and removal dimensions or ‘take-offs’ required from unwanted windows or doors. Video tutorials and step by step processes will provide you the guidance to complete common projects and help avoid disastrous outcomes. Reviews state it’s the ultimate renovation guide at your fingertips.


The Renovate app is ideal for the small handyman to the large contractor. Renovate allows you to track costs and maintain the number of hours required and worked on a particular project. This app is suitable for bathrooms, kitchens and even furniture. Renovate provides you a list of accessible jobs or renovation projects to choose from. Compare estimated costs to actual and take photos of pre and post renovation to show your friends and family.

iHandy Carpenter

A handy and successful app, iHandy Carpenter provides the necessities to help with your carpentry and home renovation work. Features include a ruler, protractor, bubble leveller, plumb bob and surface leveller. Suitable for the simpler things such as hanging a picture and using the leveller to ensure straightness to the more complicated tasks such as securing measurements in preparation for installing security screen doors or removing unwanted fixtures. .

Drywall Calculator

Measuring and calculating drywall can be a confusing and tedious task. You can remove the hassle with the Drywall Calculator. You will be able to ensure correct measurements by simply punching in the dimensions into the app. You can include walls, ceilings, height and width and allow the reduction of the dimensions of removed doors or windows. All the dimensions punch into one calculation to determine the over square feet of drywall required to complete the task at hand. Also includes data area for sloping walls and ceilings.

DIY Renovation Advice

Produced worldwide by home renovation experts, DIY Home Renovation Advice provides easy to follow steps, simple navigation and standard terminology towards easier to more advanced renovation tasks. Reviewed to be a safe guide to ensure safe and quality renovation work, this assessable app will help you avoid serious property damage if you are a novice renovator. It takes the stress out of the process and allows you to keep within your budget.
These mobile friendly apps provide step by step processes and professional guidance to help remove the stress and inexperience of completing you own home renovations. No need to pay for professionals when we have access to advice and tools at our fingertips.

Written by Johnson S.
Johnson runs an interior designing business with his brother in Brisbane, Australia. Lachlan loves DIY and spends most of his weekend in his workshop.

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