6 Must-Have Apps for Road Trips

6 Must-Have Apps for Road Trips

Road trips have come a long way thanks to the popularity of smartphones and tablets. Instead of stopping for directions at a gas station, you can download an app to tell you where to go. Instead of crossing your fingers hoping to find a gas station before you run out of gas, you can download an app to tell you exactly where to find one.

If you want to make your time in the car more enjoyable for everyone, make sure that you download the following apps before heading out on your next road trip.

1. Spotify

Instead of making a road trip mix, you can download Spotify and use that to ensure that you and your other road trippers are equipped with the right tunes. With Spotify, you have unlimited access to a multitude of artists and songs. You can create your own playlist through the app, or you can simply turn the app to shuffle and let it choose the songs for you.

2. Priceline Negotiator

If you’re travels have made you tired and nobody wants to continue driving, you can use the Priceline Negotiator app to locate a hotel in the area as well as compare prices with other hotels and motels. This way, you don’t have to make hotel reservations before you leave for your trip, and you can even use the app to compare hotel amenities and negotiate for the best deal.

3. GasBuddy

Gas is an essential part of road trips, and GasBuddy allows you to not only find the closest gas station, but it will also allow you to find the cheapest gas in the area too. With the rising cost of gas prices, this app can be extremely beneficial if you’re looking to cut down on road trip expenses. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about running out of gas as long as you know where the next gas station will be located.

4. Yelp

Chances are that you’ll get hungry while on the road, and Yelp is a great app to have on hand to find restaurants in the area. Along with telling you what food places you can find in the area, Yelp will also tell you hours of operation so you can find something open while you’re traveling at 3am. You can also search for a specific cuisine, so if you’re in the mood for Mexican, Yelp will help you find a restaurant. Plus, it will even let you see reviews from other patrons and give you insight into how much your meal will cost.

5. Waze

With all the fuss about the Maps app on the iPhone, it’s important that you have a backup to help ensure you make it to your destination. The best thing about Waze is that it allows its users to communicate the traffic, so if you’re stuck in traffic due to an accident, you can report it. This allows the app to constantly update with real-time information, and you can use it to reroute yourself instead of being stuck in a traffic jam.

6. Trapster

Getting a speeding ticket while on a road trip can put a huge damper on your travels. Trapster can help you avoid this by letting you know where speed traps and speed cameras are currently located. The app is user generated, so it is constantly updated with information on current speed traps and cameras to help you know when to slow down.

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