Android Apps to Make Your Life a Lot Easier

Android Apps to Make Your Life a Lot Easier

Most people say that the iPhone is better than Android phones but Android fans beg to differ. There are so many apps available in Android that are not available on the iPhone.  Add to the fact that there are multiple Android app stores in the market selling different kinds of apps. Here are some of those apps that make your life a whole lot easier and fun!

Mighty Text

Want to receive text messages on your PC? How about using your PC to send text messages? Mighty Text makes it possible to sync your Android phone with your PC. This is great for people who are always busy on their computers and find it a huge hassle to switch from PC to phone just to be able to check messages and reply to people. You know what else is great about this app? It works on both PC and Mac! Oh, and did I mention that it’s free?

Download this app if you’re the type of person who can’t be bothered to switch devices during the day.

Swift Key

Swift Key has been around for a while but only a few people are taking advantage of its benefits. Swift Key will automatically detect how you type your messages by analyzing the way you type in the past. This app will determine how you respond to SMS, mail, Twitter, chat, etc. and then it automatically gives you suggestions on what you’re going to type next.


Are you obsessed with the weather because you’re living in a place where Mother Nature is very finicky? One moment it’s sunny and next thing you know, it starts pouring! SkyMotion is the perfect solution for you. This app will tell you when it will start raining and when the rain will stop. This app is GPS-enabled. SkyMotion is the counterpart of iPhone’s Dark Sky. If you want minute-by-minute coverage of the weather, download this free app.

Google Sky Map

While we are talking about the sky, here is another app that makes you look up to the sky – Google Sky Map. Have you ever wondered what star or planet you are looking at? With Google Sky Map, you just point your phone to the sky and Google will tell you exactly what you are gazing at.  This is also a free app to make your star gazing nights better.

Field Trip

Now that we’re done with those useful apps, let’s explore some entertainment. Field Trip is exactly that. It turns your regular walks into field trips. When you get close to some interesting points in your area, Field Trip will send you a push notification with interesting details about it. If you are connected to a headset or Bluetooth, the app will read the information to you. With this app you can discover fun and interesting places and experiences. This is a free app so discover all you want!


If you’re a torrent addict, you have to get this free app. You can download as many torrents as you want. You can even subscribe to RSS feeds or play content. There is no speed or size limits when downloading stuff.

Rayman Jungle Run

Does anyone remember that fun game called Rayman? Rayman is back in your Android with stunning graphics, great sounds and multilevel gaming. This is a classic game available for only $2.99.

Download these apps to make your phone more fun and useful.

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