Apps Aren’t Just for Humans Anymore; How Your Cat Can Enjoy Your Tablet or Cell Phone

Apps Aren’t Just for Humans Anymore; How Your Cat Can Enjoy Your Tablet or Cell Phone

With technology advancing in ways we never would have dreamed possible in the past, many forms of technology are not only readily available to humans. There are more and more ways these days for animals to use and experience everything that technology has to offer.

One of the newest and most exciting new technologies available for your pets to enjoy comes in the form of applications. The great news is, many of them are completely free and they can entertain your pet for long periods of time; not only getting you a good laugh but allowing you and your pet to bond on a whole new level. Today we are going to focus a bit on how your cat can enjoy your device, but some of the apps we discuss can pertain to other animals as well.

Protect Your Device Before You Let Your Pet Play

While having your pets play games on your cell phone or tablet is exciting, it can also be very damaging. Make sure you have a protective case on your device and that the cover is completely protected. This way, if you pet gets a bit rough with your device; they won’t end up damaging it. As with anything else, you always want to put safety first. On top of that, you may want to also make sure you have proper insurance on your phone or tablet just as a backup plan because it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Great Applications that Your Cat Can Enjoy Alone

For those of you who have cats, you have probably heard of a few apps. There are many to choose from but some of our favorites overall include Game for Cats, Catch the Mouse, Enjoy with Cat, Cat Piano Jr. and Paint for Cats.

Game for Cats

This application is really neat, especially if your cat is a fan of laser pointers. When you cat hits the laser, there is a rewarding sound. There are a ton of videos of this application available on the internet, which once you see are going to make you fall in love instantly. It’s really adorable to watch.

Catch the Mouse

Catch the mouse is not only an application that allows your cat to chase mice around the screen but also a wide variety of other animals that include rats, spiders and even frogs. There are also ping pong balls brought into the mix.

Enjoy with Cat

Enjoy with Cat is an application that is like the others mentioned above, but with a bit of a twist. You see, this application actually allows you to control the object your cat is chasing; allowing you to have some quality bonding time together.

Cat Piano Jr.

This is a really fun one that allows you to play a piano with your cat, but instead of it sounding like music, the keys sound like meows in various tones. This one is bound to get you to laugh.

Paint for Cats

As you can probably imagine, this one is a really neat one. Not only does your cat chase items on the screen but each time your cat hits his or her paw on your device, it leaves a colorful mark. You actually have the option at the end of the session to save the painting or even share it on Facebook so all of your friends can see what a great artist you animal is.

Apps That Help You Care For Your Pets

Dog Park Finder by

This application is a fantastic and simple way to find the closest dog parks to your current location. You can even type in your zip code to find your options. Not only can it help you find the parks near you but it also allows you to chat with other people who have the app who live near you so you can meet up and have playtime.

“Cesar Says” Dog Whisperer

This application is a great way to have the most important training tips with you while you’re on the go so you can study up and train your dog with no need to worry about the hassle of bringing any material with you. Tapping or shaking your phone is going to cause different training sounds to occur, which are going to help you to get your dog to sit, stop and so much more.

PetMD Finder

This application is absolutely fantastic. If you are ever in a situation where an emergency occurs, you’ll never be unsure of what you need to do. You can find local Daycares, Sitters, Walkers and even Emergency Clinics. This is an app that is going to make your life a lot easier and your trips outside the house much smoother.

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