What iPhone Apps Can I Use to Add Emoticons to Texts and Emails?

What iPhone Apps Can I Use to Add Emoticons to Texts and Emails?

There are a number of ways you can spice up a text or email conversation, but emoticons are probably the simplest way to say more while saying less. There are even occasions when an emoticon is the most appropriate response, as sometimes we just don’t have words to express how we’re feeling – only a sad (or happy, or scared) face to show for it. If you have an iPhone and enjoy getting messages with those whimsical, emotional little characters, then chances are you would probably like to know how to send such messages, right? Fortunately, a world of fresh and fun emoticons is just an app away. Here is a guide to some great iPhone apps for adding emoticons to your texts and emails:

Emoji! by Awesomest Inc. If you are looking for a vast array of original emoticons, then look no farther than Emoji. This is arguably the best-known and most widely used emoticon app there is for the iPhone. From this simple (and free!) app interface, you can choose from a seemingly endless number of icons (nearly 500, to be specific) – from bicycles to monkeys – and insert them into your texts, notes, emails, and other message formats.

Emoticons by Trilliarden. This is a very basic iPhone app that includes a set of cute, round-faced emoticons that you simply click on to add to your text message and/or emails. The thing people seem to like the most about this app is that it is very simple and easy to use, as the interface sits right in your messaging application. However, the drawback to using Emoticons is that you don’t have a lot to choose from when it comes to actual emoticons, and the emoticons themselves aren’t really anything special.

CLIPish. This app provides you with access to a complete library of images – including clip art, videos, and animations – and offers a wide variety of unique and fun emoticons. The CLIPish app comes with an interface that is super easy to use, enabling you to insert emoticons (and whatever other images you may choose) into a number of applications, from notes to texts.

As you can see, you have several options when it comes to adding visual (and emotional) interest to your emails and text. Emoticons are a great way to kick your electronic communications up a notch, and these apps are a great way to step into the world of emoticons. Send messages that are truly unique, and that speak for how you are really feeling, by downloading one (or all!) of these awesome apps today!

About the Author: Bibi Drappo loves using creative abbreviations and emoticons in her personal texts and emails. She enjoys using My Emoticons to find new designs and hopes to someday create some of her own!
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