Best Phone Applications to Plan a Night on the Town

Best Phone Applications to Plan a Night on the Town

When you are new to an area or simply tired of your same old haunts night after night, you need a little help planning a night out on the town. Thankfully, there are plenty of apps available to help you. Read on to learn about four of the top apps to help you plan the perfect evening out on the town.

Foursquare is a quick and easy app that has become very popular over the past couple years. Once you download the app and sign up, you can connect with your friends who also use the app. Foursquare uses information about places you frequent, places your friends check in and the venues that other people who eat and shop like you to offer you recommendations for places to go. Foursquare even takes into account the time of day to make the smartest recommendations. You can also search for specific locations, such as a pub or Indian restaurant.

Yelp is another excellent app to use when you are at a loss for what to do on any given evening. Yelp has a huge directory of bars, restaurants, nightclubs and more, and thousands of users, called Yelpers, offer their reviews and ratings to help you choose the best place to go. You can search for things like restaurant or bar, or you can enter specialized searches for vegetarian or Kosher options. You can even do advanced seraches to only show locations that are open during the time that you are searching, that meet your budget requirements and that have full bars.

An up-and-coming app, Wendr, is the perfect way to make plans with your friends quickly, rather than wasting precious time by sending individual text messages back and forth. When you use Wendr, you start by setting your status, which may mean that you are going out, staying in or that you are open to suggestions. You can share your status with your friends, and then you can specify what you want to do and ask if anyone wants to join you. You can also browse through your friends to see their plans for the night. You may find that a group of your friends are going to a concert or that one friend wants to go out dancing. You can also group your friends in categories, such as co-workers, family members or best friends so that you can hide your plans from certain groups or easily send out messages to all of your work buddies. One of the best things about Wendr is that it is free.

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