Best Travel Apps for Android

Best Travel Apps for Android

In the past, travelers usually had to rely on printed guidebooks with potentially outdated information and later, static websites. Furthermore, most traditional travel sites are purely promotional, so they might sugar coat their information or present travel destinations in the best light possible. That’s their job. However, paying for travel can be a significant investment, so you want access to accurate information and honest reviews in order to plan a successful trip.

With today’s travel apps, you have the advantage of possessing information right at your fingertips. There’s no need to carry heavy guidebooks or spend time at a travel agency. Mobile travel apps provide more interactive experiences; travelers can get real-time information from other people in similar situations. They can read reviews and decide on hotels or restaurants in advance. They can search for discounts and last-minute deals that they would not have known were available.

Mobile travel apps, particularly those with social sharing features, are especially popular with the Millennial generation, who some say live more in the moment as opposed to traveling with a set plan. Nevertheless, developers know that travelers of all ages are taking advantage of various travel apps.

Companies are creating new apps all the time. Here are some of the highly rated (and free) travel apps for Android.


TripAdvisor earned a 5-Star CNET Editors’ Rating for being an outstanding application. More than just restaurant and hotel reviews, it includes information on flights and other transportation options, as well as finding things to do once you arrive at your destination. Users can access photos, reviews and community forums for more information.


Perhaps you want an even more personal travel experience than just trading information in forums. Cheaper (and more fun) than a hotel, couch surfing has become a popular way to see the world. Members can stay with other members, and they can host other travelers in their own homes. Acting as local guides, hosts can help travelers connect with one another and discover hidden attractions.


The Yelp app is a must-have, whether you’re traveling the world or just looking for a great new restaurant in your own neighborhood. It boasts a wealth of information, including business descriptions, photos, customer reviews, maps and much more. App reviewers have called it the ultimate travel directory.


Currently available throughout the US, Canada, and most of the UK and Australia, this app has been described as a “restaurant slot machine.” You can literally shake your phone and get a list of nearby eateries based on criteria that you enter. While using the app, you can connect to Facebook to consult friends for restaurant recommendations and then make a reservation.

Google Translate

Though there are many translation apps on the market, Google Translate is among the most comprehensive with the ability to translate up to 64 languages, some with audio capability. Depending on your travel destination, you might find yourself in a foreign land with no one around to help you out with the local language. With Google Translate or a similar app, at least you’ll have an instant translator by your side.

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or someone setting out on your first adventure, you can make any trip easy and fun by taking advantage of the many travel apps available for your Android phone.

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