Sleep Of The Innocent – Apps To Help Get Your Child To Sleep

Sleep Of The Innocent – Apps To Help Get Your Child To Sleep

One challenge that often leaves parents exhausted and frustrated is getting their kids to sleep. Children just seem to have this knack for avoiding bedtime, and they are quite creative in making excuses just to stay out of bed. Furthermore, there are just too many things that grab their attention these days. They have their PSPs, iPads, and other gadgets that they can play with whenever they want. Still, it’s a must for children to have proper rest. Without it, they’ll be more irritable. Sleep loss also results in forgetfulness, lack of focus, as well as other health and emotional problems. There are even times when kids who are suspected of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) are only suffering from sleep deprivation since lack of the same can cause a child to become too active, unlike adults who generally feel tired or lethargic.

Sleep Apps for a Good Night’s Rest

There are a number of ways to get your child to bed and to make sure that he stays there. Establishing a routine and ensuring that his room is conducive to sleeping are old yet effective techniques that parents often use. The modern moms and dads, however, have also taken advantage of what modern technology has to offer. Nowadays, more and more parents are using apps to get their stubborn but adorable babies to bed. Below are some examples.

1. White Noise Apps

White noise contains different sound frequencies, and it can be used to drown out other less pleasant sounds. These days, you can buy phone apps that produce certain sounds that many, even babies and older children, find relaxing. An example is White Noise Ambiance, which was invented by a father who needed extra help to get his twins to sleep. The free version provides a number of sound choices, including Ocean Waves and Sprinkler, while the paid app offers around fifty. Most similar apps allow you to set timers and create a playlist so that you can include sounds that your child prefers. Other white noise apps that you should definitely check out are the following: Relax Melodies, Deep Relaxation – Relax and Sleep Better with Silva, and Ambiance. The great thing about such applications is that these can also be utilized in many other ways. For instance, some adults use these apps to alleviate headaches or migraines, and others find that these help them to focus better.

2. Sleep Tracking Apps

Tracking apps can help you monitor the everyday essential activities of your child. To illustrate, new parents often have trouble keeping track of when their baby last fed or slept. There are apps to help you record information about such activities, including your child’s diaper routine, so that you’ll know when to change his diaper or put him to sleep, or when to feed him again. The Eat Sleep app is one example, and this can keep a log of your baby’s eating and sleeping habits, as well as his diaper routine. Another is the Baby Connect app, which keeps track of common daily activities, and it can also be used to note down information about your little one’s milestones or his medicine/vitamin schedule. The Baby Connect application also allows parents to record sleep cycles, and the information gathered can be shown in graphical form. This then helps moms and dads to better detect certain sleep patterns so that they can make adjustments too. Luckily, by using sleep tracking apps, children and parents will be able to get a good night’s rest.

3. Room Planner and Organizer Apps

What role do room planner or organizer apps play in encouraging better sleep? These applications can actually help a lot. According to , getting enough sleep makes a person healthy, and this is very true especially when referring to children’s health. As mentioned, sleep loss can lead to a number of physical and emotional problems, as well as developmental delays. With the help of room planner or organizer apps, you can create a bedroom that is very conducive to sleeping and ensure that your precious one’s bed is as comfy as possible. These are essential elements in getting a good night’s sleep. Some examples of room planner and organizer apps that can make interior designing a cinch include the Room Planner by Chief Architect, DIY Do It, Good Housekeeping, and the Space Planning Tool.

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