SmartPhone Apps That Help One To Lose Weight

SmartPhone Apps That Help One To Lose Weight

All fitness freaks and experts say that one of the first steps towards losing weight and being fit, is to keep a check on the calorie intake that a person has everyday. This is important to see how much one is eating, and what all he/she needs to control on. That will also help a person’s trainer to gauge the kind of diet that is best molded around the person’s preferred choice of food, without posing too many restrictions. Earlier, trainers used to suggest to that people should carry a small personal diary where they make a note of everything that they eat in a day. However, very often, people don’t know how to calculate the calories of each food item that they eat. This is where smartphone apps step in to make life easier for those who want to lose weight.

These apps let one keep a track of their calorie consumption, and also give many other additional features, making it easier for people to understand and possibly speed up their weight loss process. Some of these apps are as follows:

Lose It!

This app is available for iPhone, and is excellent for those who consume food items from a lot of American brands, and want to keep a check on their calorie consumption everyday. Though it’s not very good in terms of calculating the calories for all the cuisines of the world, and may not help in identifying the calorie count of home cooked food, the website of the app has a lot of other things to offer to users, along with social support.


This app is quite easy to use, thanks to its convenient and simple interface. It not helps to calculate the calorie counts of a variety of dishes from all over the world, but also helps in knowing the calorie count of branded products. Moreover, the app has social support, to help people share their fitness goals and progress with others. MyFitnessPal is available for a lot of platforms, including Android, Blackberry, iPhone and Windows mobile.

The Eatery

This free app is a more social way of looking at food and eating habits. It helps users to click pictures of what they’re eating, and post it, where other users of the app decide whether the food item is ‘fit’ or ‘fat’. However, to make it completely effective in nature, it’s important that the user adds notes along with the picture, or else other people might not know whether that food item was taken as a whole meal or just as a snack, and what ingredients it consists of etc. If wrong pictures are put up, then people can hit the ‘X’ button saying that they don’t know what it is.

CountEat. Calories

This is a paid app for iPhone, developed with opinions from a registered dietician. It does not set absolutely specific targets, but gives workable ranges of calorie counts for people to aim at, when they are reducing weight. It also helps to calculate the calorie counts of full meals, rather than individual items.

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