The Super 7: Helpful Pet Apps For IPhone

The Super 7: Helpful Pet Apps For IPhone

Even though they’re worth every second of the trouble, having a pet can be a lot of work and responsibility. Fortunately for us, we have technology on our side and the opposable thumbs with which to use it. And that’s where wonderful pet-related apps come in, as they guide us through the world of pet ownership and help keep us organized along the way.

Here are 7 of the top pet apps available for iPhone to make your day go a little easier:

1. Pet Phone—

Vet visits, vaccinations, trips to specialists and all of the ensuing paperwork that inevitably follows… wouldn’t you like to condense it all into one handy little device? Well now you can, because that’s exactly what the Pet Phone app does, tracking weight, visits, allergies, medications and anything else you need to keep in mind about your little buddy, so you no longer have to keep papers crammed into file cabinets.

2. DogParkFinder—

DogParkFinder has listings of over 2,400 dog parks in the U.S. Offering GPS mapping, reviews, photos — and can even tell you park hours. This app would be especially useful if you travel often with your dog and need to be able to quickly find a dog-friendly place to walk.

3. Dog First Aid—

You hope you’ll never have to use this app, but for $1.99, it might be worth the price to have it on your phone in case of emergency. With a list of common dog ailments, the Dog First Aid app offers solutions and advice for each potential problem.

4. Pet Notebook—

The Pet Notebook app is exactly what it claims to be; a notebook all about your pet. You can enter multiple pets, health information, microchip numbers, and other important information, such as the date of birth for each pet. This app also allows the user to keep track of veterinary appointments and records, as well as offering a photo gallery to show off your pride and joy.

5. PetMinder—

This app is kind of like having a personal dog secretary to keep you on schedule with your grooming or veterinary appointments, medications and puppy play dates. If you have trouble remembering all of the activities and obligations of your pet, or perhaps have more than one to care for, PetMinder would be a convenient organizational tool to have in your life.

6. Pet Services Finder—

Before you make all of the appointments, you need to find the services you’re seeking. The Pet Services Finder app does just that, offering the user a comprehensive database full of listings for many common pet-related services. If you need doggy daycare, a groomer, a veterinarian, a dog walker, or a place to walk your own dog, you can enter your zip code and search for whatever you need. This app also features helpful user reviews.

7. Dog Tricks — Best of 101 Dog Tricks—

The Dog Tricks app allows the user to teach their dog 8 popular tricks, walking them slowly through the steps to learn via slideshow. Having a properly-trained dog is important, and can make you the belle of the dog park as you walk your well-behaved buddy calmly through the hounds gone wild. And keeping your dog’s mind stimulated is always important, so learning new things is a great activity you can do together.

Hopefully, some of these pet apps can help you use technology to navigate the occasionally hectic world of pet appointments and puppy park-seeking. Reducing time spent dealing with paperwork will give you more time to play with your furry friend, and maybe then you can use an app to teach your old dog a new trick.

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