Trucking Alert! 5 Nifty Apps That Benefit Truck Drivers

Trucking Alert! 5 Nifty Apps That Benefit Truck Drivers

Being on the road from sunrise to sundown or even from sundown to sunrise is very difficult. Such situations aren’t for everyone, and you can only imagine the life that truck drivers have. Each day, they are on the road where they need to stay focused and alert. One mistake can cost them their lives, and they might even cause suffering or injury to other drivers and pedestrians. To improve safety and efficiency, some companies have developed apps that are beneficial to truck drivers. Below are a few examples.

1. SmartTruck Route (Free)

This app is a great help to truck drivers as this removes the stress of trying to figure out which way to go. It aids in navigation, and it can provide images of streets, maps and routes, and it even includes details regarding temporary or permanent road restrictions. Other nifty features of this app are its satellite view of roads and built-in speakers that allow a driver to state an address. If a driver likes to use certain paths, he can set his options using the Route Preferences feature. With this app, truck drivers won’t have to get too stressed about getting lost as this also provides turn-by-turn instructions.

2. Co-Pilot Truck (149.99)

Yes, it is quite expensive; but it is an investment that’s worth every penny. Professional truck drivers will be able to take advantage of its numerous features, including — accurate turn-by-turn directions that uses text-to-speech technology; route generation based on the characteristics of the vehicle and its cargo; identification of points of interest, such as truck stops and rest areas; and many more. It’s also packed with very useful advanced features. For example, it can provide up to three alternate routes, and it also helps in guiding drivers who need to get through busy highways. Another great feature is that it has a speed limit display. The app alerts the driver in case he exceeds the speed limit.

3. Skype (Free)

Proper communication helps in ensuring that everything is going as smoothly as possible. With Skype, truck drivers can easily talk to their dispatchers when needed, send messages, or share photos. Videoconferencing is a cinch, and users can do this with WiFi or 3G connections.

4. KyrusFleet (Free)

Zavodnick, Zavodnick & Lasky, LLC state that truck accidents are not the same as car accidents. The main reason is that there are several entities involved, including the truck driver and the company he is working for. To avoid road traffic accidents, drivers should use apps that allow them to stay more focused and alert since distracted driving is one of the causes of bad car-truck incidents. An example is the KyrusFleet app. Once it’s enabled, it prevents distracted driving by keeping mobiles silent while a vehicle is in motion. It also uses automated notifications and it reminds a driver to stop using his mobile while operating a vehicle.

5. GasBuddy (Free)

Gas prices continue to increase, and even a few cents saved each day can really add up, especially when you’re buying fuel for large vehicles. The GasBuddy app is a very handy tool that truck drivers can use if they want to buy from the cheapest stations. Through a feature in this app, a driver can also post reports regarding gas prices and locations to help others who are also looking for cheap fuel.

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