Cook Like A Top Chef With These Recipe Apps

Cook Like A Top Chef With These Recipe Apps

Each of these apps can transform you into a culinary master, thanks to their sleek interfaces, easy-to-follow instructions and extensive selections of recipes.

Best App for Italian Recipes: Mario Batali Cooks

Just because you can boil water for pasta and open a jar of sauce does not mean you are an Italian chef, but this app can help you get there. Fans of Italian food will love this app because of its intuitive and stylish design that highlights over 60 traditional recipes. Step-by-step photos make it easy to assemble the perfect lasagna or tiramisu, and the app even includes wine pairings for every recipe.

Best App for Everything: How to Cook Everything

This sleek app really does teach you how to cook nearly everything, from apple pies to zucchini bread. There are precisely 2,000 recipes waiting to be made, and although there are no pictures, the instructions are clear and easy to follow. The app also includes more cooking instruction than almost any other, including videos on how to roast a chicken to perfection and sharpen knives. This comprehensive resource will turn you into a top chef in no time.

Best App for Meat Lovers: Weber’s on the Grill

If you are serious about your meat, you absolutely need this definitive app. The photos alone will inspire you to fire up the grill, and each of the 250 recipes is linked to how-to articles so you never burn your burgers or char your chicken. There is even an integrated grill timer complete with a “doneness calculator.”

Best App for Non-Meat Lover: VegWeb Vegan Recipe Finder

This entire app is dedicated to meatless recipes, and the huge collection includes over 13,000 dishes and meal ideas. Detailed categories make it easy to find just what you need, such as kid-friendly suggestions, raw food meals and even crock-pot dinners.

Best App for the Health Conscious: SparkRecipes

This app is a best bet for dieters hoping to lose weight without sacrificing taste. Over 200,000 recipes are available, and browsing through them is easy thanks to the many search options. You can search by category, ingredients, dietary preference, calories or even the amount of time it takes to complete a recipe.

Best App for Transforming Leftovers: BigOven

The free BigOven app contains more than 170,000 user-submitted recipes, but the best feature is the “Leftover Wizard” that suggests recipes that use ingredients you already have on hand. If you are stumped about what to eat tonight, try the “What’s for Dinner?” feature that shows what other users are serving up.

Best App for Quick Recipes: Jamie Oliver’s 20 Minute Meals

Great meals do not have to take hours to make, and this app from Jamie Oliver makes it easy to whip up delectable delights in under a half hour. Detailed pictures and step-by-step instructions accompany each of the 60 recipes, and you can easily switch ingredient amounts to accommodate two to four people.

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Megan is a chef at Dedes Restaurant in Sydney, Australia. Megan loves discovering new recipes and has shared some of her favourite recipe apps to explore and find new recipes.

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