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The 5 Best Online Resources For Learning To Build Mobile Apps

Learning to build mobile applications is no longer just reserved for individuals who are considered “geeks”...

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Phone Gaming: 5 Apps You Can’t Stop Playing

Gone are the days when your phone could only hold a maximum of two or three games. Today most people have...

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5 Mobile Apps That Help Employers Prevent Road Accidents

Whenever employees use their cell phones on the road, to send or read text messages or emails, and make and answer...

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5 IPhone Apps To Help You Live A Healthier Lifestyle

Keeping fit and staying healthy isn’t always easy. No matter how much we might try to eat right, exercise and do...

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5 Apps To Look Out For In 2014

The previous year was quite a big year for apps. Many app companies were either sold for really big money or the...

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Great Apps To Plan Your Vacation To The Pacific

The Pacific can be a great place to go for vacation. You can walk on some of the whitest beaches and swim in the bluest...

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