Three Android Apps For Better, More Restful Sleep

Three Android Apps For Better, More Restful Sleep

There are dozens of stresses and events that can occur on a daily basis and it comes as no surprise that we carry these stresses and their repercussions with us even after we head home and try to unwind. The reality is that millions of people suffer from some form of sleep disorder or another and struggle to obtain a full night’s sleep each night. In the past, there was no clear solution to many of these problems other than medicine, but an ounce of prevention can be worth a pound of cure. With technology now at the forefront of many of the things we do, it comes as no surprise that an array of different aids now exist to help individuals obtain restful, better sleep. In the following article, we will discuss three Android applications and how each one can monitor your sleep, interact with your cycle and ensure that you get the rest you need.

Relax Timer

Traditional alarm clocks are indiscriminate in how they operate: when it’s time to get up, a blaring sound is emitted and you are jolted awake regardless of whether you are in deep sleep or about to wake up naturally. This type of morning rise can disrupt our natural rhythms and leave us feeling groggy throughout the day. Thankfully, the Relax Timer app is a solid solution for Android devices that can proactively monitor and wake you when the time is right. The application utilizes the accelerometer in your smartphone to measure movement while in bed (place the phone or device near your pillow). Based on this information, it can ascertain the overall quality of sleep you receive each night. When it becomes close to time for you to wake up, it will use this information to determine what is the ideal time for you to be awakened in order to eliminate grogginess. Available for free, the Relax Timer app can be downloaded from Google Play.

Good Night’s Sleep Alarm

Anyone who wants to get a good night’s sleep will benefit from the aptly-named Good Night’s Sleep Alarm app for Android devices. Available for free, this application allows users to specify a time in which they need to awake and the application will determine the best time to wake its users within a 30-minute window. This process helps to assure that you will be optimally alert each morning and will not suffer from fatigue or drowsiness throughout the day. Also included are measurement tools that can detect your sleep habits through its accelerometer. If you want to see if your sleep cycle is healthy or not, then the Good Night’s Sleep Alarm app can help you find out.

iHome Sleep

Last but not least, the iHome Sleep app for Android devices gives users the power to customize their alarm schedules to fit their needs. Not only can iHome Sleep monitor your sleeping habits and awake you at the perfect time, but it also stores this information for later review. A full clock, custom backgrounds and weather reports are also streamed to the app so that you can be visually stimulated and informed about the weather when you awake each morning. The iHome Sleep app is a free download and can be found on Google Play.

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