3 Gardening Apps To Help You Make Your Garden Look Stunning

3 Gardening Apps To Help You Make Your Garden Look Stunning

Gardening can be difficult without the right knowledge. Traditionally, this challenge has meant heading to the bookstore to buy boxes upon boxes of gardening books that will likely end up at the back of your bookshelf once you’re done. However, the raging success of the iTunes App Store has meant that green thumb app developers have begun to share their wisdom with others through this new medium. Check out these three fantastic gardening apps that will help you make your garden look stunning.

1. Garden Plan Pro

While the price of this app comes in at $9.99, which is not cheap for the App Store, the cost is certainly worth it. This app is the ultimate for those gardeners who like to think ahead and make a detailed plan of their garden before getting started. The app is very flexible, and allows its users to construct a detailed plan of their future back garden no matter what its shape may be.

However, the app’s gardening advice functionality is its most impressive feature. Garden Plan Pro will use information about the weather in your area to help you decide the best time to harvest fruit and vegetables, and gives advice on crop rotation for those who are unsure. Note that this app is only available to iPad users, so unfortunately iPhone users will have to go without.

2. MyGardenApp

This app takes our world’s domination by social media to a whole new level by introducing the new concept of social gardening. MyGardenApp allows you to add the different types of plants growing in your garden to your profile, and see who else is growing the same types of plants as you. The app also allows you to communicate with others constructing a similar style of garden – this can be helpful to those seeking some inspiration as to what they should do next with their plots of land.

3. Landscaper’s Companion – Reference Guide to Plants

This app is a must-have for serious botanists. The Landscaper’s Companion is like an encyclopedia of plants accessible on your iPhone. The app contains information about the scientific and common names of a variety of plants, as well as information about how they should be planted. The app also allows its users to save notes on their favourite plants using its in-app notepad, although this is far from the app’s most impressive feature. Therefore, if you are confused about how much light you should expose your balsam firs to, this app is for you (it’s part shade to full sun, by the way!).

A garden is an important expression of one’s identity. Unlike a house, it is very flexible and generally low cost. However, the expression that one wants to be showing the world is not one of disrepair and disorganisation. To ensure that your garden turns out as one of the best on your street, download these apps from the iTunes App Store and get planning on your dream garden now!

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