Five Apps That Can Help Boost Mobile Signal Strength

Five Apps That Can Help Boost Mobile Signal Strength

You are going on a long drive that you assume will revitalize you, when your car suddenly comes to an abrupt stop. There’s something wrong with your car, it just won’t budge. The landscape that looked breathtaking no more than a minute ago seems to have suddenly lost its tranquil beauty. Throwing up your hands in utter disbelief and disgust won’t take you anywhere. You want to call your friends to come to your rescue. At times like these what’s the first thing you look for in your mobile? Don’t you look for those long bars that denote your mobile’s signal strength? Looking at those bars that give life to your mobile will undeniably perk you up. Just when you thought your long drive turned itself into a longer nightmare, your mobile has come to your rescue. Colors have returned to the scenery and all is well with the world.

But is there something you can do to improve your mobile’s signal strength? Yes and here are some of the best signal boosting apps you could find in Google’s Play store.

Network Booster Free is an app that helps in giving your mobiles the much needed signal boost. Although the graphics used in Network Booster Free are not as attractive as other apps, it compensates for it in the form of outstanding performance. This app renews the connection between your phone and the cell tower.

As the name suggests, Wi-Fi manager boosts the signal of your Wi-Fi connection while locating the nearest Wi-Fi access point. It searches all the available networks and connects you to them. There are 2 widgets available with this app. You can switch from one network to the other more easily. There is a graphical channel provided with this app that helps you in locating Wi-Fi networks which are open.

Fresh Network Booster is an application that has been designed to give you that extra boost of signal strength without draining your mobile’s battery. When your mobile gets better signal it also gives you better data speed. This app connects you to cellular towers similar to connecting you to a fresh network.

Have you tried walking around your home, climbing on to the roof or getting to an isolated area in search of better signal? With Open signal maps you don’t have to go in search of signal anymore. This app will show you exactly where you can get better signal. This map will show you very clearly the direction of the nearest cellular tower with the help of pointed arrow and a map. This way you know exactly where the nearest strong cellular signal is available.

If you are worried about Wi-Fi network signal then Network Signal Info may be the right app for you. Although this app will not make the signal any stronger, but it will definitely help you determine the real strength of network signal and Wi-Fi signal. Network Signal Info gives you detailed information about the strength of your cell phone’s signal with the help of 14 signal bars instead of the usual 5 bars provided by your mobile. And what’s more, you don’t have to launch the app over and over again to gain information about network signal and Wi-Fi signal. There are 2 widgets that come with this app, one is to determine your mobile’s network signal strength and the other is for Wi-Fi connection.

With these apps that come to your mobile phone’s rescue, you needn’t think of hopping around your room trying to chase cellular signal anymore.

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