5 Ultimate Must Have Apps For Your IPhone

5 Ultimate Must Have Apps For Your IPhone

Nowadays smartphones are like limbs, they are always attached to you wherever you go and when they are not, the pain of been separated is more agonising than losing a foot! That’s why it’s no surprise to say smartphones are not just phones, but they are a reflection of who we are. You can always tell what a person is like before talking to them just looking through their iPhone. That’s why having the right apps for your iPhone is more crucial than ever! Lucky for you, we have the low down on the top 5 ultimate apps every iPhone needs!

  1. Facebook – This is a simple one! The Facebook app shows you have a life! By having this app on your phone, not only does it allow you to keep up to date with your friends and family where ever you are, but it also shows people who look at your phone you are a sociable person… And not a nut job!
  2. StumbleUpon – The StumbleUpon app is an extremely cool app! Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, chances are you are going to be bored off your ass! That’s why the StumbleUpon app allows you to crawl through the vast net on at the touch of your phone to chase those boring moments away.
  3. Sky go – If reading is not your thing, check out Sky go! This app is awesome for those TV addicts who are missing the latest TV show or even missing the latest sports games! Sky go allows you to stream live TV on the spot wherever you are! (NOTE- This app does cost and it’s probably best calling the Sky Customer Service team to find out how much exactly).
  4. Navmii –We’ve all been there before! We’ve gone somewhere new, full of confidence we can find our way no problem and then only to find after hours of wandering in circles…we are completely lost. Having the Navmii app completely eradicates these situations! No longer will you be lost in the World with the Navmii app! Having this app on your phone is not only a smart idea, but it shows you are someone who plays it safe and are a logical person. (NOTE: Although the app is free, you may have to pay for extra maps).
  5. Spotify – No smartphone is complete without music! Apple’s initial success in the early part of this century was based purely on music with iTunes and iPods making a big impact in the World, so having an iPhone without a music app is like having a Ferrari but without the keys… pointless! That’s why getting Spotify will be perfect for your phone. Spotify gives you the right music for the right moods and if you are looking for something new, Spotify can help too! What’s even more awesome is the app is totally free.

Of course it is completely your decision what apps you download on your iPhone, but it’s always a good idea to have a good standard set of apps included into your mix as having the right apps on your iPhone really DOES matter.

Ste Tasker loves to write about tech! Ste is an apple fan and there isn’t a day goes by where Ste is not glued to his iPhone.

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