5 Useful Apps That Will Help You Manage Cash Flow Faster And More Efficiently

5 Useful Apps That Will Help You Manage Cash Flow Faster And More Efficiently

Every business owner knows that cash flow management is essential for the long-term success of his business. It is known that more than half of the new businesses fail within the first five years of operation, and one of the most common reasons that lead to this failure is poor cash flow management. Fortunately, technology saves the day again and here is a brief overview of 5 of the most popular tools for efficient cash flow management designed for business owners:

1. BusinessMaster Software

In a nutshell, this program gives you a deeper insight into budget forecasting, cash flow management as well as bookkeeping. Do you need to make some important financial management decisions and you need help and support, or perhaps you have decided it’s time to change your financial strategy but you do not know where to start from? If so, then BusinessMaster is exactly what you need.

2. The Cash Flow Forecast From QuickBooks

Developed and marketed by Intuit, Quickbooks is an accounting and management package that allows you to manage your business without the fuss. The Cash Flow Forecast software by QuickBooks is one of the most popular accounting tools at the moment, as it helps you manage credit card ledgers, bank balances, receivables and such.

3. The Free Cash Flow Forecasting Template

Why spend money on a cash flow forecasting and management software when you can benefit from the same features and functions, completely free of cost? All the essential forecasting templates are embedded into a single business application, and this is what makes it so time-effective. Few people know that Microsoft Office can be a great tool for business management, if used properly!

4. The Master PlanGuru

If you plan to expand your business in the near future and you need a well-designed and easy to use cash flow management software, then look no further than Master PlanGuru. This is an outstanding tool that can deliver financial forecasts up to 10 years from now, and it also has an automatic income management feature that gives you full control over the income statements and balance sheets of your company. This function can deliver reports in several different formats, including the popular Excel. PlanGuru is a very versatile management tool that can be used to forecast any hypothetical business situation, quickly and with no hassles.

5. The Cash Flow Modeling Software By Pulse

Pulse is a reputable online application that specializes in cash flow management tasks, and the Cash Flow Modeling Software is one of its most efficient tools. Basically, this tool allows you to control the cash flow of your company online: you can easily insert financial information and check it in a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Moreover, the Cash Flow Modeling software can also deliver detailed charts and graphic representation of your money, to help you control the finances of your business a lot better. At the same time, this tool also allows you to grant access to other users as well, who can view, edit the cash flow or share it with financial specialists.

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