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Top 10 PedoMeter apps for Android

Tracking health status is now on your fingertips. With your smart android phone apps, you can keep a tab on how many...

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Top 5 Android Backup and Restore Apps

It is always important to safeguard information on your phone that you require in your daily lives. Having a back up of...

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How to recover deleted files from Android phones

Today, mobile phones are equally important data storage device as your computer hard disk. Your world seems to come on...

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5 Best Social Media Apps for Business Marketing

Gone are the days when Internet was a luxury. We live in a multi-screen world where staying connected and up-to-date...

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Top Data Recovery Apps For Android

Sometimes one can accidentally lose all ones data from the mobile phone. How do you get back your important messages,...

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Top 5 Android security apps

The data stored in your mobile is as important and useful as the one stored in your hard drive. Losing out on your...

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